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It is known that over 50% of women experience sexual disorder and that can vary depending on the hormone production per woman. Sexual hormones usually play a significant role in making sure that women experience good sex and that they do not get hurt when practicing intercourse. The sex hormones responsible for making women feel aroused and getting wet around the vaginal cavity might fail to be produced at enough proportions. That means that the women who are affected will have unpleasing experiences during intercourse. However, there is a non-surgical treatment method that women can try out, and they are going to get called the o shot treatment.

The O shot treatment is a procedure in which the doctor is going to introduce the growth factors into the body of a woman, and it is going to act on their orgasm system to improve their clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The dysfunction in the female vaginal stimulation makes women experience low libido, and some may suffer from low self-esteem. It is therefore essential for them to be put under this program so that the glands that produce sexual juices are stimulated to keep them active. Women are also going to discover more experience in bed after being given this stimulation.

The o shot treatment does a wide range of improvements in the body of a woman. However, different women have different experiences after being given this injection. Most women have reported that they have experienced a stronger orgasm and within a shorter time than before thus improving their level of satisfaction in bed. Most women have a heightened sexual desire mostly because they have comfortable wet sex and they can manage to have a vaginal orgasm. Since they experience less pain when having intercourse, every woman has been impressed after they have been given the o shot injection.

The clitoral arousal improves a lot. That is because the nerves around the clitoral region are triggered to produce an orgasm. The health of the vagina improves because its lips become more soft and gentle hence making women have smooth intercourse. The vaginal opening also decreases in size, and this makes them get a chance to enjoy more from improved lubrication that is being produced in the vaginal cavity. Some women experience urinary pains. This is scraped off when they take the o shot injection because it is going to rejuvenate the entire vaginal system. To learn more on o-shot rejuvenation click here:

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